Photograph by Andres Oyuela

Colourful handmade shapes come together to form enchanting creatures and inventive fairy-tale settings in the signature illustration style of Gina Rosas. Using a whole range of techniques from paper cut to digital and even Aquatint printing, Gina has forged her own unique method of image making, but what excites clients even more is the way she’s able to apply it to such a varied range of briefs.
Born in Colombia but now based in Germany, Gina’s artwork feeds off her native culture. She’s inspired by the traditional folk music of Colombia and Latin America, as well as the natural environment in her homeland. With experience working in an advertising agency, she understands the creative process and knows what it takes to turn a brief into an intriguing new piece of art. Gina studied visual arts in Colombia and is working on a BA in Illustration at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg.

Text writen by Garrick Webster

Awards & nominiations

-  2020 - Merit award at 3x3 llustration Annual No.1-  2019 - Scholarships for highly committed students, DAAD-  2019 - Honorable Mention at 3x3 llustration Annual No.16-  2018 - Excellence Scholarship for foreign students, HAW Hamburg -  2018 - Selected illustrator at “Latin American Illustration 7 -  2018 - Selected illustrator at " Pitti Immagine Bimbo"-  2018 - Selected illustrator at "Bologna Children's Book Fair's Exhibition" and Catalogue-  2017 - Selected illustrator at "Hiii Illustration" 2017 International Competition


-  2019 - “Heimat”, Casatinta,  Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg-  2019 - “Heimat”, Casatinta, Bogotá
-  2019 - “Pop Up copy right”, Galerie 21, Hamburg-Germany
-  2019 -  HAW “Rundgang 2019”, Hamburg-Germany
-  2018, "Off the page and into the world of Fashion", Pitti Immagine Bimbo, Florence
-  2018, "Alphabets", Bologna-Italy
-  2018, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna-Italy, China, Japón
-  2018, “neue Märchen”, Fabrik der Kunst,  Hamburg-Germany
-  2017, “Retratos sonoros”, Bogotá, Medellín and Barcelona
-  2017,  “Bogoshorts Ilustrado”, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán theater, Bogotá-Colombia
-  2017,  HAW “Rundgang 2017”, Hamburg-Germany
-  2016, HAW “Rundgang 2016”, Hamburg-Germany
-  2015  “ die Besten fünf Mappen” (The best five Illustration applicants), Hamburg-Germany
-  2013 ,"Salón visual Bacanika", Bogotá-Colombia