Bologna Children's Book Fair 2023 - Visual Identity

This artwork was part of the BCBF's 2023 visual identity, chosen as one of the 20 pieces for the "Landscapes and Portraits of BCBF" contest. In celebration of the 60th edition of BCBF, the world's most professional fair for children's books, artists who had been selected for the Illustrators Exhibition over the past decade were invited to create an illustration honoring the BCBF experience and the city of Bologna. 

The visual identity for BCBF 2023 was developed by Chialab Design, featuring a creative and seamless juxtaposition of portions from the 20 selected artworks. These visuals were applied across all print communications, around the city and in online platforms.

  • Client Bologna Children's Book Fair
  • Art Direction Chialab design studio
  • Acrylic on paper
  • 2023
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